FlexRite™ mats have been uniquely engineered to both work in a wide range of industrial and manufacturing settings and also be environmentally positive.

It makes sense that you may have questions about how well they may work for your business.
We've answered some of your questions right here.

FlexRite™ is a brand of New Rubber Technologies with several product lines focused on flooring and matting. Founded in 2012, New Rubber Technologies is “the leader in the devulcanization and reformulation of innovative and unique rubber materials, compounds, thermoplastic elastomers and OEM-manufactured goods”

FAQs about our Anti-fatigue flooring products

Anti-fatigue mats are designed to offer a wide range of benefits to employees and employers. Anti-Fatigue floor mats can increase worker productivity, reduce slips, trips and falls and improve the overall health of your employees.

Technical FAQs

These products have been tested by the National Floor Safety Institute per the NFSI 101-C Test Method and have passed the NFSI “High-Traction” standard.