The Difference Between Warranty & Expected Life

FlexRiteTM Flooring products are 100% Customer Satisfaction Guaranteed Buy with confidence as we stand on, and behind our products. We offer our customers an unconditional 100% satisfaction guarantee for the life of the product.

Let’s face it, there isn’t a perfect formula for how long floors and mats last. They are like tires, how the car is driven determines how long tires last. FlexRiteTM Flooring products are very durable however they wear out depending on the application, environment, and interaction over time. We have an expected life for every product that meets or exceeds our competitors, in some cases beyond 10 years.

Because we are a true recycler, when it’s time to replace floors and mats, we will take worn-out mats and flooring back, give you a material credit and apply that towards the purchase of new ones.