FlexRite™ Flooring products are superior flooring products in the industry today...or tomorrow.

100% Proudly made in North America, FlexRite™ Flooring products are the result of a patented manufacturing process that utilizes only superior recycled materials as the compound for the most innovative and versatile modular flooring systems available.

ReviveRite™ Inside! means upcycling or closed loop sustainability.

Made of 75 -100% aftermarket, high quality recycled materials.

FlexRite™ is very proud of our “upcycling or closed loop sustainability program” that turns used rubber tires into the highest quality matting you will find anywhere.

100% Customizable: Maximum versatility due to unique universal connector system.

Our modular tile systems can connect to our rubber workstation mats along with many existing competitors rubber workstation mats. FlexRiteTM Flooring products can be connected to offer a continuous mat with both drainage and solid anti-fatigue sections. Build virtually any size or shape.

Our prices will keep you grounded.

The FlexRiteTM process is highly controlled at every stage to reduce overall costs. And we pass these savings on to you.

Less fatigue equals more output. Everyone is happy.

We’ve studied the competition and know what is not working. Not enough flexibility. Not enough versatility. Not enough longevity. Not enough clean products going into the compound. We’ve done our research. Fixed the problems. You will find we’ve found the right mix here at FlexRiteTM. That’s why our process and compound is patented!

And 100% Guaranteed.

We believe in building a better product, a better relationship, and a better experience. We stand by our products completely. Because you stand on them daily.

Learn more about our warranty.

What is REVIVERITE™ Inside?

All FlexRiteTM Flooring products are molded using 100% post-consumer and post-industrial polymers recycled in an environmentally friendly way in our vertically integrated facilities. The ReviveRiteTM process uses food and medicine grade additives to restore the original technical capabilities of various post-use polymers without the harmful side effects of foreign rubber reclaiming process. In most cases we produce a higher quality compound than products made from virgin polymers.
Real Recycling Flowchart FlexRite
Step 1
Gathering of high quality post-consumer & industrial rubber waste.

High quality rubber waste is brought to the plant on a weekly basis.

Examples of high quality rubber waste include:

  • tires
  • more tires


Step 2
Materials are pre-processed by shredding and grinding until it becomes granular.

Shredding, grinding and cleaning of the materials is required. 

Step 3
Compound is processed through our unique devulcanization technology.

This is a propriety process unique to FlexRite™ and ReviveRite™!

Step 4
Engineers reformulate the rubber, Eco-TPE materials and compounds to create a high quality material.

We call it ‘cake batter’ and it’s the great product that results in all the FlexRite™ matting solutions. 

Step 5
FlexRite™ flooring products are manufactured into the durable and flexible systems customers depend upon.

FlexRite™ flooring products are manufactured into the durable and flexible systems customers depend upon.