Modular Mats with Universal Connectors

100% Customizable: Maximum versatility due to unique universal connector system.

Our modular tile systems can connect to existing mats as well as any of our AD2 100% rubber line of products. FlexRite™ mats can be connected to offer continuous mat with both drain and solid anti-fatigue sections.
Sometimes to know what's right, you start by studying what's wrong. We've looked around the industry and found not enough flexibility, not enough versatility and not enough longevity. Our competitors don't have a green process. We've done our research and fixed the problems. In Flexrite™, we've engineered the right mix to provide environmentally friendly performance at a competitive price which is why our process and compound are patent protected.

Durable Connections

Connections between mats will stay put. No moving or disconnecting.

Replace Only What You Need

Only replace worn mats and flooring. No need to replace entire mat area.

Create the shape you need

Customize and cut to the exact size and shape you need. Mats can be cut down to 1 foot width.