FlexRite™ MT2 Modular Tile

MT2 is heavy duty and durable. Made from ReviveRitecompound, it is designed to stand up to harsh chemicals while maintaining a high traction surface. It’s the best tile system in the industry with the perfect balance built into the compound. All the positive traits of rubber (soft, high traction, welding safe, ESD) and the positive traits of plastics (positive locking system, cut & reconfigure, multiple colors). Use stock parts to build a customized floor at an affordable price.

MT2 is a 24”x24” or 12”x12” tile that is 7/8” thick.

Available in four surface patterns - Diamondplate, Pyramid and Smooth and Drainage and a ramp and corner system. MT2 can connect to AD2 with the mat to tile connector.

The symmetrical underside can be cut every 3” and reconnected and allows cords and wires to pass through.

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FlexRite Mats™ MT2 Modular Tile
* Sizes are approximate | * Some sizes require minimum quantities
Available Surface Patterns: Pyramid, Diamondplate, Smooth, Smooth Drainage
Available Ramp Colors: BK-Black, YL-Yellow